What Kind Of Speaker Are YOU??

This video is my version of M. Night. Shyamalan’s ‘Split.’ I hope you enjoy it 🙂

JUST SO YOU KNOW – I freaking wrote this video originally as a 5-page monologue and memorized it (ish) and shot it all in ONE TAKE because I wanted to impress you guys. But the monologue ended up being 7 minutes!! I got SO bored with myself. I chopped the video up into a 2.5-minute version. Also, the audio gets a bit weird and the video is slightly fuzzy at times BUT it was more important for me to get it out to you than to worry about being perfect. I preach not being perfect in my blog and I wanted to show you that the perfectionist in me is starting to take my own advice.

SO sometimes shoots or videos won’t come out as you had in your head but it’s OK! As long as the impact is the same. Put it out there!!



In this video I ask you to check out the key to making ANY public speaker or on-camera presence truly dynamic and engaging.


Do you know what that is??


It’s your personality!! I want you to be free to be yourself and to step into your speaking style!



Don’t feel like you have to “be corporate” or “businessy” in your videos or when you get on stage. I don’t know where this concept came from but it’s not grounded in anything that makes for an engaging speaker! We want to connect as humans when we see and hear you and we do that when you are being the real human YOU!

Speak to the camera or to the audience like you speak to your friends…or…even better…speak like you speak to your friends after a few glasses of wine. Relax and be yourself. It’s way more interesting and powerful! You will stand out way more than the corporate “businessy” types who are boring the shit out of everyone.



I put together an awesome video, “The 3 biggest mistakes people make on camera (and how to fix them)”. The best part? It’s totally free.

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