What If I’m Not Prepared?

Don’t you hate it when people put you on the spot? When they ask you to “just get up there and say something.” Or have you ever had to fill in for someone due to some last minute emergency and it freaked you out because you weren’t prepared for it! Or maybe you’ve been asked to speak at a friend’s wedding and you’ve been so busy at work that you’ve had 0 time to prep for this speech and now it’s 10 minutes before your speech and you’re in the bathroom bugging out because you’re staring at an empty piece of paper trying to recount all the best moments from your friendship of the last 20 years.

What to do when this happens!??

Tip #1: Ask Yourself, “Why Do I Need To Always Be Prepared??”

If you’re the type of person who can’t go on stage or speak off-the-cuff because it’s something you’re not prepped for maybe ask yourself “what’s up with that?” There are others out there who can speak freely on a whim and their speeches or stories come out great! For you, maybe this isn’t the case because you’re putting too much pressure on yourself. Maybe you feel as though you can’t speak unless you’ve prepped every moment of your speech/presentation because then for you it’s “perfect.” Maybe you feel as though when something is “perfect” in your head THEN you can move forward to be worthy of people’s attention. Does this ring true for you? If so, welcome to the “I HAVE A PERFECTION COMPLEX” club. It’s a club of anal-retentive-over-achievers (like myself) and it’s a good group to be a part of because it means you’re driven! The only issue is when you put so much pressure on yourself to be perfect that you let it get in the way of delivering a message or providing value to an audience (even at the last minute) because you need things to be perfect in your head first. Watch the video above and check out what “perfection” really is and break it down. Once you do that…you’ll get over it.

Tip #2: Focus On Your Fans

When you realize that your perfection complex comes down to a fear of being judged or a fear of not being good enough – you’ll realize the great news which is your fans don’t share YOUR fear! This is freedom! This means that you can forge ahead worry free and simply focus on providing value for your fans who love you no matter what. They aren’t judging you. They forgive flubs. They don’t need you to be your version of “perfect.” They are simply there to learn from you and already find you valuable even when you make human mistakes. Focus on them and don’t stress the haters. Everyone has insecurities and there will always be haters who judge us. But trying to cater to perfection to prevent haters from judging you is a fruitless mission. Negative people will always be there, ready to project some negative self image of themselves onto you. That image has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them so why worry about them? Focus on the positive which is your fans who already love you!




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