Are you afraid you might say the wrong thing??

Okay. I have to say I am really proud of myself for pulling through this next batch of videos because I was hungover as HELL when shooting these. You’ll see me be a bit slower and slightly off my game. It’s funny. Check it out.


This video is for those of you who are afraid you might say the wrong thing when you get on stage, or for those of you who do take-after-take-after-take on your video because it isn’t perfect.

Does this sound familiar?

How do you get over saying the wrong thing?? How do you present pitch perfectly every single time and not mess up?? Even better, how do you do that when you didn’t have any time to prepare!?

Tips below. Read now. Thank me later.

Tip #1: Realize you have a Perfection Complex AND…GET OVER IT

I am taking my own advice here trust me…

It is great to be type-A and a go-getter and ge* shit done, BUT, that same mentality is one that’s prone to letting perfection get in the way of being prolific. I bet you’re the type of person who doesn’t trust themselves enough to take a speaking engagement unless you’ve had ample time to prepare so you can come across “perfect.”


Take note of your perfection complex and get feedback from loved ones, friends, family, colleagues and see if you’re being your own harsh critic and letting perfection get in the way of sharing your message. You’re probably brilliant and don’t need as much prep as you think. I have a feeling you are. Get out there!


Tip #2: Connect.

The easiest way to get over “saying the wrong thing,” is by focusing on connecting with your audience or the camera. When you’re out with a friend or chatting with your partner, are you constantly in fear of saying the wrong thing?? No. You’re simply being you and chatting and sharing openly (I hope). There is no difference with public speaking or being on camera. Connect in the same way. When you connect authentically, all that garbage of saying the wrong thing goes out the window and you immediately get out of your head and go into your heart space which is exactly where you want to be when you’re speaking. As cheesy as it sounds, speak from the heart. Become a living Hallmark card and pour your squishy heart out all over us…use with caution.


Tip #3: Get Y*ur Ass Vulnerable!

Watch this Ted Talk immediately. I’ve linked it before and I’m doing it again in case you haven’t watched it yet.

Brene’ Brown shares her story openly and speaks on the importance of you doing the same. There is seriously no better way to connect with an audience other than sharing your story. We love hearing a hero’s journey. We want you to take us on the ride of overcoming a big obstacle and becoming the person we see in front of us now. Some of us are in the middle of that journey, some of us have been there before, and all of us can use inspiration when it’s offered up. You will be providing value to every single person in the audience by sharing your hero’s journey. Every great leader and great speaker does it. Follow suit.




I put together an awesome video, “The 3 biggest mistakes people make on camera (and how to fix them)”. The best part? It’s totally free.

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