What If I Don’t Feel Like Making Videos??

We all know the importance of video marketing for your brand. DUH.

We know the impact video has on cutting down the “know-like-trust-cycle,” for potential clients in a fraction of the time that written articles take. We KNOW WE KNOW WE KNOW!!!

BUT sometimes, we don’t freaking feel like making videos! Leave me alone! I don’t want to make videos. I don’t freaking feel like it!

I get it.

Well great news for you!

This video above will give you tips to NOT ONLY help you get into the habit of making videos BUT ALSO – it will give you tips on how to form great habits for ANYTHING you want to get done in life. Yeah. It’s pretty great. Watch it and implement the tips!

Here’s tip #1


Instead of thinking about video (or anything you want to get done in life) in terms of “Ugh, I HAVE to do this. Why am I not getting it done? What’s wrong with me!?” Think of making videos with new language and new thoughts…

Say “I WANT to make videos.”

Even using the word “want” will train your brain to think about it differently.

Also, don’t be so harsh on yourself. Our brain isn’t designed to motivate us to start doing new habits. It’s designed to protect us from potential pain. That includes doing new work that you haven’t done before. So it isn’t your fault. It’s your brain’s fault so feel free to yell at it right now.

One GREAT way to put real meaning behind “I WANT to do this,” for any new project you’re taking on is to connect that project with a bigger WHY. Tony Robbins teaches this method as well as Simon Sinek.

Your WHY is the real reason why you’re doing anything. The bigger-picture-vision of what any task will lead you towards.

For example, think of WHY you’re doing video…

Write down all the reasons why making video is important. The more meaning you attach to it on a deeper level, the stronger your intention and your motivation will be for creating your videos. You might be making videos to truly connect with an audience which could lead to more sales for your product, which would lead to more profits in your pocket, which could lead to putting a down payment on that dream home, or buying that dream wardrobe, or getting out of debt, or buying fun toys (cars, luxury items, etc).

Or maybe this is about being a true leader and inspiring an audience with your message. Influencing those in your industry to make lasting change. Whatever your real purpose is for being on video – connect the task of making video back to that larger WHY and you’ll find real motivation to do it. You can use this method for anything and everything in your life. You see that?

Tip #2


I’m curious if any of you are as obsessed as I am with tiny things? I freaking LOVE intricate miniature so much. I actually get tears in my eyes when I see a really well done miniature. Yeah I’m a special one, I know.

ANYWAY so using TINY HABITS is very exciting for me because I get to say the word Tiny over and over again.

This method is a brilliant way to develop ANY habit in life. I am going to link you to the professor who came up with it and suggest you check out his page and Ted talk.

I go over Tiny Habits in more detail in the video above and want you to learn directly from Bj Fogg himself. The examples I go over in the video above are rough examples of how to implement Tiny Habits into your life, BUT I highly suggest writing down all the steps you need to take to start doing video and cater a plan that works specifically for you. Even the act of writing down everything whirling around in brain will be very clearing and powerful for you because it’s not just circling around taking up space in your mind. It’s out and on paper and you can then focus.  Check out the links below and you got this!!!


Here is a link to Simon Sinek’s work and how to connect to your WHY:


Here’s BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habit Site:


And his Ted Talk:





I put together an awesome video, “The 3 biggest mistakes people make on camera (and how to fix them)”. The best part? It’s totally free.

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