Storytelling Tip # 2

If you don’t recognize the importance of storytelling in your videos or your presentations by now…oh boy you are missing out on a huge opportunity! Storytelling is a KEY driver into the success of your message being absorbed by the audience.

Check out the quote below if you don’t believe me:

“The ability to articulate your story or that of your company is crucial to almost every phase of enterprise management. It works all along the business food chain. A great salesperson knows how to tell a story in which the product is the hero. A successful line manager can rally the team to extraordinary efforts through a story that shows how short-term sacrifice leads to long-term success. An effective CEO uses an emotional narrative about the company’s mission to attract investors and partners, to set lofty goals, and to inspire employees. Sometimes a well-crafted story can even transform a seemingly hopeless situation into an unexpected triumph.” Peter Guber, author, American film producer & executive and Chairman and CEO of Mandalay Entertainment, from HR Magazine September (2008),

NOW are you ready to incorporate storytelling into your presentations and meetings? GREAT! Here’s an easy tip you can start to use right away.


Tip #1: Use Adjectives And Emotions!

When telling your story use adjectives that get our senses going! Our bodies will actually react to any sensorial words that you use because our imaginations are active while listening to your story – take advantage of this!! People cry and laugh while watching movies all the time, make them do the same with your story and the way to do that is by putting emotion behind what you’re saying. Put feelings into your words and choose your words wisely. What’s a better way of saying “the pilot landed the plane smoothly…” You’ll find out in my example above.


Tip #2: ACT!

Act out any parts in your story that you can! Instead of telling us how you were feeling, show us! It’s way more interesting for us to hear and watch someone act out in the first person what happened as opposed to simply hearing about it. Check out my example above 🙂


Tip #3 coming at ya!




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