THE Secret To Being An Incredible Public Speaker!

This video is my personal secret trick to being an engaging, dynamic, and connected public speaker every time no matter what the situation or even if you’re hungover (same batch of videos).

I teach you an acting trick that works wonders and is a way to approach public speaking that most people don’t think about but is absolutely necessary.

Tip #1: Build Your Public Speaking Persona

You know you wear different hats right? You’re one way with your colleagues, another with your friends, another with your partner, and another with children. You also “act” in different ways depending upon which hat you’re wearing. You are various extensions of yourself given any situation. With that in mind, I want you to build a hat that you can “slip” on when you’re public speaking. This is your public speaking persona. It is something you “put on” energetically and emotionally in the same way you become a specific version of yourself when you’re interacting with children vs. your boss. You’re going to become a version of yourself for public speaking specifically.


Tip #2: Build Your Character Breakdown

As actors, when we go into an audition, we have what’s called a character breakdown. It tells us about the character, adjectives that describe them, and any other details that are helpful for us so we can become that character when saying the lines. You’re job is much easier because you don’t have to audition for millions of different characters! You get to be ONE character and get more and more natural being this character the more you do it!

Example from a recent audition of mine…


Another example…


Aren’t these examples ridiculous!!? Imagine having to become these ridiculous people over and over again in an empty room with a casting person and a camera. Life of an actor…

The examples above aren’t great because they don’t go into as much detail about the characters  but as actors it’s our jobs to color the character with more specifics and make them a whole person if the writer doesn’t provide us with a lot of information. Lucky for you, you’re the actor AND the writer in this instance! You get to color your breakdown with as much detail and description as you want. An easy way to do this is to take 5 positive adjectives that describe you when you think of yourself as a public speaker. These can be adjectives that you currently have or ones your aspire towards. Then, you ask close friends, family, colleagues, clients, to give you a list of 5 adjectives that they think of when they think of you. You gather your list and take all the adjectives that resonate with you and build your breakdown. For example:

Aaron Hammersmith: CEO of XYZ company. Passionate, warm, friendly, funny, inspiring, and connected. He loves public speaking and is in his element when he is sharing news about his company to an audience. His mission is to influence his employees to be the best version of themselves through incredible leadership.

NOW imagine thinking about slipping that person on before you step onto stage. How incredible would that be? Right now, you’re probably not even thinking about who you are before shooting a video or getting on stage. You might even be the same person who just got stuck in traffic and is cranky and wishes they had a drink in their hand more than shooting a video. Even if you are in that exact scenario, you can still take your breakdown and slip into it and boom your whole energy and mood will shift as long as you commit to really becoming that person!

This is a powerful tool and you know it’s proven because it’s EXACTLY what actors do to get into character AND you’re already doing it in your daily lives. Now do it for public speaking.




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