How To Keep Your Audience’s Attention


Do you ever fear that you’ll look out into the audience when you’re presenting and see half of them on their damn phones!? Or that people will click away from your marketing videos before you get to your pitch? Well there’s one word to keep in mind that will not only grasp your audience’s attention while you’re speaking, but also have them smiling at you and ready to hear more. That word is….relatability. It’s simple and effective yet SO many speakers don’t use it!

Tip #1: Be Relatable

When you’re crafting your next presentation keep asking yourself “is this relatable?” Relatability is KEY when presenting. If you’re presenting and you haven’t taken the time to relate to your audience and reflect that in your presentation, then I can guarantee they will zone out while you’re talking and think about ANYTHING else instead.

Have you ever met someone at a party or at an event and hit it off right away because you had something in common? That person had you engaged because they were speaking your same language and everything they talked about was something that you knew or was of interest to you. I want you to have that same connection when you’re speaking to your audience. Make them feel connected by relating to them.

Use this in casual conversation as well. I go into an example in the video above that you can check out of a recent conversation I had that I will remember forever because the person made it relatable to me. Remember…IT’S ALL ABOUT ME! ME. ME. (me.)

Tip #2: Make Your Presentation Digestible


If you work in a technical field and have to present on something where it’s typical to use jargon, you are doing yourself a disservice because too much jargon will make us zone out again. This is especially true if your audience doesn’t work in your field. Make your presentation easy to digest like a lovely tapas platter. Use metaphors whenever possible if there’s a complex subject that you need to drive home into your audience’s minds. Find a situation that is similar to the concept that the audience can relate to and show them how your concept is the same. I speak about an example above where a scholar named Nick Szabo explained smart contracts on a podcast using a vending machine as the subject to illustrate his point. After listening to him, I understand how a technical smart contract works and I will remember it forever. Aren’t I so smart? With the help of that example, I can share that info if I wanted to and re-explain it effortlessly. That’s what you want your audience to be able to do if you’re explaining something complex. Simplify it and use examples that we already know rather than going into literal definitions full of jargon.





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