How To Sound Smart When Speaking

Are you in the habit of using JARGON?

Check out your last presentation and see how much of it was full of jargon words.

Ask yourself why you do that and then take your right hand, lift it up, move it close to your face, and SLAP YOURSELF!

Why do you feel the need to use complex language to deliver your message? Is it because you want to sound intelligent and not like a dumdum? Is it because your industry has buzzwords that people frequent so you feel as though you should do the same??

Well guess what…THIS ISN’T ABOUT YOU!!

Get out of your damn head about what you need to be doing to sound intelligent and stop fitting into the mold of everyone else in your industry and focus on connecting with us instead!!



Instead of using jargon, opt for plain English instead. You will come across as an emotionally-connected-intelligent-human-being when you speak in simple language. The brain can only handle so much yaaada yaada yaada before it loses interest. If you’re using too many “buzz words,” in a row or too frequently, we get bored, real quick.

Think about it. How do you feel when you hear buzz words like “technological cloud solution with lasting integrative dynamic implantation?” Oooooh doesn’t that just get you emotionally charged and ready to buy the crap out of that product? NO!!! Just tell me it’s a place to store my all shit on my computer.

From what I’ve heard, lawyers, doctors, finance dudes and ladies, and accountants are the MVP’s of using jargon and boring the shit o*t of their audiences. STOPPIT.

I know I’m probably being harsh but think about the panels or speakers you’ve listened to that really moved you when they spoke. Or dynamic leaders or actors when they’re accepting an award speech. It’s emotionally charged and it moves the room because we can connect with what they’re saying.

We can’t connect when you’re using jargon. Jargon words are the emotional equivalent of digesting empty calories. Choose to use simple language and emotionally charged words and you’ll sound like a genius. I promise.



Here is a link to the article I mentioned:

Also the link to the Ted talk I mentioned:

Finally – an interesting article about recall memory and why it’s important to speak in terms that we can visualize:



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