How To Get Instant Confidence!


You’re getting stage fright or you feel nervous to speak in front of the camera and you want to tell your brain to shut up and stop making you so nervous!! I get it. Trust me. I used to have insane stage fright. My entire body would shake and my heart would pound and my mouth would shake. Even my cheeks would start shaking!

Thankfully there is a solution! You can interrupt your brain’s pattern of nerves and instead put yourself in a place of confidence. Here’s how…

Tip #1: Use the “moment before” technique

This is a super cool acting trick that works supremely well with public speaking or with anything you need to do in life where you have to amp up your confidence. For actors, we have to be able to go into an audition room and “turn on,” in an instant. It doesn’t matter if we were stuck in traffic on the way over to the audition, we got into a fight with our plant the night before, or that we walk into the waiting room and see a million other girls that look just like me!! Ahem…where was I? Oh right.

Whatever our previous drama was before the start of the audition, we can’t bring that energy or that frame of mind into the audition room. The casting director doesn’t care. They simply want to see a great tape. So, how do we drop into an epic scene where we’ve met our long lost brother after 20 years on planet Xenaf-4 while running away from space aliens, in an instant? Simple. We use the “moment before.”

What this is is getting into a frame of mind that’s exactly where the character is the moment before the scene starts. We think the thoughts the character would be thinking, we use our imagination to put ourselves into their environment, and we drum up the emotions that that the character would be feeling right before the scene. That way, when the casting director looks at us and says “whenever you’re ready,” we take a few seconds, drop into the scene, and THEN start the scene.

Do the same technique for public speaking. Drop yourself into a state of mind that is only going to serve you. Let go of any baggage or negative thoughts that have nothing to do with your message. Focus on the audience and providing value for them. Do not focus on any sort of end result. Get into the present moment and get your mind and body into a place of uber power.


Tip #2: Pump yourself up!


Right before you go on stage or before EVERY take on video, you can physically pump yourself up. You do this by putting yourself in a power pose and holding it for at least 30 seconds. You can do the “superman cape” pose or the “badass CEO” pose or whatever pose works for you and actually hold it for 30 seconds. Whatever body language you put yourself in, your mind will follow suit. It is impossible to think depressed thoughts when your body is in a powerful position. Especially if you smile :).

You could also do what I do which is throw your hands in the air and say powerful phrases out loud like “I am so excited to be doing this! “Yaaassssss!!” “Okay hear we go, I’m gonna crush this!!”

I seriously do that before every single take on my videos. It gets my energy up and puts in a great mental state to start my videos. I actually had the flu while shooting the video above. Could you tell? Notice the intros of my videos and you’ll see me pumping myself up.

Now do it! Go get em tigeerrrrrr.



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