How To Craft The Perfect Pitch!

Fair warning. I am a bit slow in the beginning of this video but the content gets there after 2 minutes in.  Stick with me.


Well, this video is for those of you who know you need to “sell,” or “pitch,” yourself or your product but you hate doing it! Maybe sales isn’t your jam or you feel icky trying to “sell,” someone.

I’ve worked in sales, including selling office supplies door-to-door. It was a nightmare and I quit after 2 days on the job. Trust me, I get you on this feeling.


Tip #1: Pull people in towards you as opposed to pushing a product or service onto them.

The way you do this is by crafting your story around your service or product. For me, anytime I speak about the exercises I do in my coaching or when I speak about my coaching services, I always relate them back to a story about my experiences as an actress (and maybe throw in a crazy audition story) and how I am now applying these learnings to public speaking. It makes the “pitch,” not a pitch at all. It turns it into a personal connection and something where you get to learn about me and my skillset. Work on your story. Make it interesting for us to hear about why you started your business or service/why you developed your product. We are investing in you at the end of the day and we want to get to know the person we’re about to invest in.


Tip #2: Speak about the benefits.

Sometimes as passionate entrepreneurs and executives we get so caught up in our love for our business or company that we speak about what we do in a way which only excites us! Haha. We speak about the years it took us to come up with our concept or how long it took us to develop the perfect packaging material for our essential oil bottles. Unfortunately, for the customer, these details aren’t all that exciting. When you’re speaking about your product or what your company does, speak in terms of the benefits that the customer will gain from using what you have to offer. I go into an example in the video above. Check it out and you’ll see what I mean. You’ll hear how quickly a pitch can turn around when you speak in terms of benefits and from a place of authenticity.



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  1. Alejandro says:

    I like how you put it and I think every one of us would be found guilty of trying to sell with push effort rather than persuasion, at least at some point. I do believe though that just phrasing it different is not enough. One must have true intent to deliver value, otherwise, there’s a great chance the other person will notice we’re just playing a role and it can get to the uncomfortable silence, that triggers the pushy salesperson again. I’ve seen it, and I’ve done it as well, LOL.

    • surina says:

      Yes agreed Alejandro!
      It’s never about simply using words without having any true intention behind them. You must always speak from a place of truth otherwise we see right through it!