How To Become A Creative Thinker!

Have you ever watched a film or caught a really cool commercial and thought to yourself…”how the hell did they think of that!?” Do you ever wonder what it takes to become more creative, especially when you’re feeling stuck, or if you’ve been in a corporate job for too long and feel a little soul-sucked?

Well good! You are definitely part of the family then :). I love love love chatting with super creative people and tuning in to how their brains work. There are some quick tips you can start incorporating into your life right away to turn your brain on to creative thinking.

Tip #1: Pattern Interrupt


This is a fun and easy tip that will instantly start to shake things up in your world. Pattern interrupt is changing up the way you do things any time you have gotten into a habitual routine. It can be as simple as switching hands when brushing your teeth, or using a different route on the way to work, or looking up when you’re walking! Our brains filter only what we allow them to process through our eyes so expose your brain to new sights whenever you can. I can’t believe how many times I’ve snapped out of being in a mode where I wasn’t very present and told myself to simply look up and then noticed a cool building or piece of artwork in NYC that I hadn’t noticed before. What pattern interrupt does is #1 – it gets you present so you’re not so in your head and in an unconscious zone and #2 – it forms new experiences in your brain which will allow it to expand. Whenever you keep doing things in a routine way, there isn’t room for growth in terms of creative thinking. Look at the way you do videos or your presentations and ask yourself “what’s a new approach?” The better questions you ask your brain, the better answers you’ll get. If you ask your brain “why do I suck so bad?” you’ll get an answer for that too, so stick to the positive higher-level questions :).

Tip #2: Daydream


I didn’t mention this in the video above but daydreaming is a great way to allow in creative thinking. If you’re not into meditating (like me…but I’m TRYING argh!) try practicing daydreaming. Allow 3-5 minutes of random thoughts to float around your mind. Start with a fun question and then let your mind wander. Or look around in your environment and imagine it shifting or morphing in weird ways. If you’re looking out a window, imagine a giant marshmallow dancing on a trampoline on the street while wearing a tuxedo. Who knows!? The whole point is to activate your imagination like a kid would do. Let it run wild. Soon, what will happen is, you’ll start to connect random dots together that you wouldn’t have before and BOOM you’ve got creativity running through your bones my friend. Be weird. Then be super weird. If you’re already weird, embrace it! It’s a gift.




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