What To Do if You HATE The Sound of Your Voice On Camera OR You’re Scared You Might Look Weird!?

Today’s question:

“I don’t want to go on camera. I feel like I look weird, and I HATE the sound of my voice. Any advice?”

Look I get it. When you’re new to being on camera, and seeing and hearing yourself, it can be uncomfortable. I HATED the way my face moved when I took my first on-camera class. Also, my mom made me leave the messages on our answering machine back in the day (remember those?) and I recall hearing my voice for the first time and thinking “who is that annoying mouse person!?”

But that’s not what you want to project for your business, especially if it’s a live webinar or stream where sales are on the line!

Here’s what I recommend:


I’m sure you know the importance of practicing your presentations and practicing being in front of the camera.

But today we’re going to do it a little different.

I want you to practice being as weird and silly as possible in front of the camera.

You don’t need a complicated setup. Use your webcam or phone to shoot yourself. Take a deep breath, hit record, then get SUPER weird!

Flirt with the camera. Give it compliments. Don’t overthink it, because this is for your eyes only (unlike me who freaking put that out into the world ugh).

We’re going to actively get weird out of the way, so when it’s actually time for you to present your real material, you know it’s not as bad as these weird sessions.


When clients tell me how much they hate how they look and sound on video, what they’re really telling me is “I’m not confident enough.”

The crazy thing is, you can’t start with confidence. You become more confident the more you put yourself in front of the camera. Confidence is created.

So record yourself practicing your presentations and most importantly, being weird. The more you record and watch yourself, the more you’ll get used to seeing and hearing yourself on video. The less weird it’ll get, and the more confident you’ll become. Trust me no one is as harsh a critic as you are to yourself. You probably don’t look as weird as you think you do!




I put together an awesome video, “The 3 biggest mistakes people make on camera (and how to fix them)”. The best part? It’s totally free.

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