How To Get Your Audience To Retain Your Message

Do you ever fear that after you've poured your guts out onto your audience that maybe they didn't properly learn any of what you taught them? They're writing down vigorous notes but are they actually going to look over those once they leave? How do you make sure your audience gets your message right then and there without having to rely heavily on their notes afterwards?

What's interesting is that everyone has one or two specific styles of learning that work best for them. For you, as a speaker, it's important that you cater your presentation around the learning modality of your audience otherwise they won't take in the goods that you've got to give! 

  • prefer manipulatives when being introduced to a topic.
  • literally translate events and phenomena.
  • tolerate clutter.
  • be artistic in nature.

There are a ton of resources out there if you want to deep dive more into each style. One excellent resource is Jim Kwik of Kwik Learning. He has a fun program on learning modalities and developing your brain to become a "kwik learner," as he says. I love his stuff!

Tip #2: Apply and Get Creative

Now that you're an expert on learning modalities, you can target your audience message better by catering to their preferred styles! How cool is that? I mention this in the video as well, but if you don't know the style of your audience, get creative. You can tweak different parts of your presentation to a different learning modality until you've addressed all of them. That way, at some point, every person in your audience feels taken care of and in turn will become your super fan. That. is. dope! 


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