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I’ve worked in TV and Film for the past 10 years.

I’m sure you already know me because I’m super famous on Google. I had a huge role on shows like 90210, Outsourced, and The Young and the Restless, where I won an Emmy got free snacks.

When I’m not disappointing my Indian parents by working in entertainment (and not doctoring or lawyering people like many of my other brown brethren),
I’m tackling questions like:



"My hands start shaking"

"I don't want to lose my audience's interest"

"I want to inspire people"

"What if people judge me?"

"I'm not an expert"

"I don't feel prepared enough"

"I don't sound smart when I'm on camera"

"What if I mess up?"

"I'm fine one-on-one, but in a group?? Forget about it."

"I get really nervous when presenting"

"I wish I was more confident + natural on camera"

"I want to use Facebook Live to grow my audience but don't know where to start"


1) Breakthrough Session

Get ready to bust through all of your fears + anxiety around public speaking and/or being on camera. You’ll discover what's holding you back as I illuminate your blind spots. Then you’ll get specific, customized tools you can use immediately, including my secret tip on how to tap into a positive and confident state of mind right before you go on stage/go on camera.

2) Design Your Unique On Camera Persona

I’ll help you identify the unique personality characteristics that make you YOU and hone in on your existing superpowers so we can share that with your audience. I show you how to use the proven practice of creating a “persona” when you're on camera/stage so you feel totally authentic, natural and comfortable, while also being dynamic and interesting.

3) The Storytelling Session

Unlock the essential elements of storytelling so you can captivate your audience in a matter of seconds and keep them engaged the entire time! You’ll discover storytelling structures and tools to create compelling stories no matter the content or the audience.

4) The Director's Session

Get real-time, invaluable feedback on your story + video scripts as you practice on camera, just like a director works with an actor to refine and fine tune their performance. You’ll discover how to make the tiny adjustments that make all the difference so that you can step in front of the camera like a pro!

5) Capitalize on Your Story

In this session, we go over your personal story and work together to make it pop! We also practice your personal story and how to deliver it to people authentically without any "rote" moments getting in the way.

6) Art of Persuasion

Discover the exact techniques you need to sell anything to anyone. You’ll get strategies you can use immediately to amplify your likeability and persuade people to follow you, buy from you, and engage with you. Plus I’ll show you how to do this both in person + on camera so that no matter what the media you can influence your audience.


  • I'll be honest. I've always thought I've had great honest fun energy when speaking. And also swag, even when giving medical talks. But the reality is that until Surina gave me some simple techniques, I still wasn't able to find that real honest spirit. That spirit that makes people want to FEEL the messenger. Because at the end of the day. It's not the message. It is the messenger. Thank you Surina from the bottom of my heart for MOVING me to let the beast unleash. You never know what's there until you let it rip. In a short period of time, it was truly a transformational experience. It all freakin changes in an instant. That's the truth.
    Niraj Mehta, MD
  • Surina’s coaching helped me break through a number of beliefs and behaviors that had—for a long time—held me back as a public speaker and on-camera performer.

    After more years in the corporate world than I want to admit, I found Surina’s approach, style, and energy hugely refreshing. I highly recommend her on-camera presence training to anyone who’s tired of the slow lane and is ready to make huge strides in their performance skills… quickly!
    David Power
    Author & Speaker
  • Surina is a natural at teaching how to make oneself feel comfortable in front of the camera. Her skills, knowledge, and insight is invaluable!
    I highly recommend her to step up your game in the video playing field!
    Dr. Shavneet Kler
  • I took a session with Surina to learn how to be more natural on camera. We started with a test shot....I was horrible. Then we went through some silly exercises. 25 minutes later we shot again and I was 10 times better. Now when I shoot on my own I know exactly how to get myself into a mental place where I am much more comfortable on camera.
    Tyron Cutner


Imagine presenting your ideas, telling your story, pitching your products effortlessly, as if you just decided turn on the camera and speak off-the-cuff.

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Discover the 3 Biggest Mistakes You're Making With Video